Cristi Scumpu

Cristi Scumpu

CEO | SysAdmin | Hostmaster | DevOps

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About Me

There is not much to say

Linux/MacOS addicted | Workaholic | In love with OpenSource

Contact me if you need an offer for the following services:

VPS | Webhosting | Domains | DNS | AS-Number (RIPE)  

Work Experience

DevOps Assistant - Grindr (2016 - Present)

This is one of the largest companies in the mobile app sector designing and operating one of the most downloaded and used smartphone apps.

As DevOps engineer this position involves NOC tasks such as monitoring, (D)DoS response, code deploys, AWS/Cloud configuration and QA.

CEO & Founder - Fairnode (2015 - Present)

Fairnode is a Domains, Webhosting and VPS provider located in Austria, Europe.

IT Technician Trainee - EDIS (2013 - 2015)

EDIS is a global VPS/Webhosting provider.

As an IT technician trainee at EDIS I was able to gather experience in all departments.

1st Level Support | Internal infrustructure | Datacenter management | Webhosting | Raspberry Pi Colocation